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How To: How to Hack Trial Softwares To Use Them Lifetime

Discussion in 'Internet Hacking Tricks' started by Awesome Div, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Jun 23, 2015
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    In this computer world we use lots of software in our desktops and laptops no matter we are in whatever field we always need software to do work. And there are many software that are freely available for lifetime to make our work easy, but there are many of the software that come with only for limited trial period that is around 30 days or 60 days. And after the free trial days you have to buy the key to use them more. And for key you have to pay money. But we are here with a trick for How to Hack Trial Softwares to use them Lifetime. Yes you can do this with a simple and straight method discussed below.

    How to Hack Trial Softwares to use them Lifetime
    Hack Trial Softwares For Lifetime Use

    There is a perfect tool that will do this and the name of tool is RunAsDate. With the help of this tool you can use any of software for free even after the trial period is over. You just have to follow some of the simple steps discussed below.

    1. First of all download and install the tool RunAsDate from here.
    2. Now in your computer run the trial software and note down the date of installation.
    3. Now when the trial version gets over do not directly launch the software, just right click on it and click run as and then select Runasdate there.[​IMG]
    4. Thats it now the trial date will get injected to that software by this tool and you can access the software as long as you want.
    5. And also everytime you open the just run as through this tool. Other wise this trick will not work.

    So above is all about How to Hack Trial Softwares to use them Lifetime. By this hack now you can easily use any of your favorite software for free for lifetime and you will not have to pay a single coin for this. Hope you like the trick, so don’t forget to share it with your friends

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    Enjoy :yoyo:
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