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Hike Refer And Earn : Get Unlimited data or recharge with One Mob Number

Discussion in 'Freebies and Offers' started by mohtasham, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. mohtasham

    mohtasham Moderator

    Jul 2, 2015
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    Hey guys i am back with an awesome trick by which you can get referral amount of hike Unlimited times with just single mob number. As you all know that Hike increased its referral amount of 100 Mb/friend. This trick is Confirmed and working. Personally checked by me. So why are you waiting lets grab this awesome trick and earn Unlimited mobile data with just 1 number.
    Requirement For This Trick.
    • Rooted Bluestacks Emulator.​
    • Bluestacks Tweaker.​
    • One unregistered Hike Number.​
    Hike Refer And Earn Scheme.
    • First of install hike from this link.
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    • Now open Hike and verify your number.​
    • Now click on 3 lines in right corner and goto “Invite and Earn” section.​
    • Now copy down your referral link and follow below trick to get unlimited mobile data.​
    Trick To get Unlimited Data with Single Mobile Number.
    • After getting your referral link Open Bluestacks Emulator in PC/Laptop.​
    • Now paste your referral link in browser of Bluestacks and it will redirect you to Playstore.​
    • Download hike from playstore and enter your unregistered number.​
    • Verify it. Now you have got 100 Mb in your main hike account.​
    • Now uninstall Hike app from bluestacks .​
    • Open Bluestacks Emulator and Change Android ID, Guid, Google advertising Id and restart Bluestacks Emulator.​
    • Now again Install Hike from your own referral link.​
    • Now while Verifying enter “2 zero’s” before your number. For eg see below.​
    Eg : While second time Registering make It 91007814812787
    • Then For verification select Call Me option for getting your otp.​
    • Now for the third time again while entering number add “4 zero’s” before number.​
    Eg : While Third time Registering make It 9100007814812787
    • Now for getting 10 times referral amount from 1 number u need to add 91/92/93 before the two zeros.​
    Eg : 91007814812787



    • Like this you can enter and upto 91997814812787
    • Now for Unlimited Times just change 9192 by changing any random number.​
    Eg : 91057814812787

    • For each time you need to do a call verification only to get Otp.​
    • BOOM!!! For each time You’ll get 100 Mb like that you will get Unlimited Data Pack.​
    • So you can do it Unlimited Times and Earn Unlimited Data pack from hike.​
    • For unlimited times change android id, guid, google ad id and follow all steps again.​
    ScreenShot Proof :
    In order to get recharge instead of data just select any wrong operator and location and click on recharge you`ll get unsuccessful recharge notification and there you`ll find mobile balance recharge instead of data.
    So ENJOY and please +REP if you love my posts and want these things coming in the future. :)